The Company

Punch Metals Hamont is a subcontractor for the automotive, Truck, Beverage and main Industry. We are specialized in the manufacturing from easy until complex metal products, sub-assemblies as well final assemblies. Punch Metals offers a lot of services including assistance with design, prototyping, production, assembling and testing.
We are focusing on customer satisfaction with an excellent price/quality-level.

Technologies that we are using for this are :

  • Metal forming by Pressing
  • Hydraulic presses till 1000 Ton
  • Mechanical presses till 630 Ton
  • Cutting by pressing, punching, 2D- and 3D-lasercutting
  • Assembling by : conventional-, spot- and laser-welding

Key Markets

  • Automotive- and truck Industry
  • Off road and Agro
  • Beverage systems
  • Main Industry


Dealing with major OEM’s for many years, we have an exceptional understanding of our customer’ needs either as a 1st Tier or 2nd Tier Supplier.